Alster tours

Here you can find out everything about possible tours on the Alster and the canals. Note that these are only recommendations based on experience and there is a lot to discover on your own on the water!

Access is via a footbridge at the Eichenpark, at the footbridge directly on Heilwegstrasse on the Outer Alster. Parking spaces are available in Heilwegstraße and in the surrounding side streets.


The length of the route is approx. 5.55 kilometers (approx. 48 minutes was the fastest lap, we think 60 to 75 minutes for beginners is realistic) - also note that driving with the current is always easier and faster than against the current .

You start directly at the jetty towards the Krugkoppelbrücke and then keep to the right along the bank towards the Inner Alster.

The Kennedy and Lombard bridges are then passed and the Alster fountain circled from right to left so that it is always next to the left hand (see picture).

Then the bridges are passed again and the route leads you past buoy 4 and 5 on the right, but then on the left of buoy 6.

Additional info:

The route leads exactly along the route of the "long-established" Hamburg rowing clubs. It does happen that they feel privileged and sometimes call over. Please don't let that impress you. The sailing boats on the Alster also have no priority.

CAUTION with Alster steamers, these generally always have right of way. They are also very quiet when approaching from behind, so keep looking around!

Tour 1:

Tour 2 & 3:

Tour 2 - approx. 90 minutes

The beginning is again at the footbridge on Heilwegstraße in the Eichenpark. Here you first drive under the Krugkoppelbrücke and then turn left into the Rondeel Canal. It can get crowded on the Rondeelteich, as it is a popular meeting point for various water sports. From the Rondeelteich, turn left onto the towpath canal and then turn right. You will automatically come back to the Alster and continue left to the Outer Alster. On this tour you can marvel at beautiful houses and gardens and get to know Hamburg from its relaxed side.

Tour 3 - about 120 minutes

Here, too, you start again as with Tour 2 and drive into the Rondeel Canal, turn right at the first opportunity onto the Goldbek Canal towards Stadtparksee. Here you can do a big lap and have natural pure but also a real city feeling. Then drive back the same way you got there. Then there are different options for how to get back to your destination, e.g. again over the Rondeel Canal or over the Outer Alster if you turn left.

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