Stand up paddling, or stand up paddling, has been enjoying increasing popularity for a number of years and is independent of age and experience level. Stand Up Paddling, or SUP for short, has become the most booming water sport in the USA in recent years and now also here in beautiful Hamburg with its many canals. SUP can be done wherever there is water, whether waves off Hawaii, Brazil or on the shallow water on the Alster.


A big advantage of stand-up paddling is that there is no need for wind or waves. You can paddle on almost any water. The boards on which stand up paddlers move across the water are usually somewhat larger and wider than normal surfboards. Plus the long paddles that are about a head taller than the paddler himself. And as athletic as it looks with the professionals, SUP is very easy to learn. After a few hours of practice, even beginners hardly ever fall into the water.


Stand up paddling is a low-impact sport. That means it is a sport with a very low risk of injury and yet it is a highly regarded, valuable full-body workout by sports scientists. With SUP a stronger core and abdominal muscles are achieved than with equipment training. In addition, the flowing movements in the water train the deep-lying skeletal muscles, which support and relieve our spine in its erection. So take the chance and rent a SUP board from us to combine all the advantages with the wonderful ambience on the Alster and the canals and to work on your summer figure at the same time.


Stand Up Paddling originally comes from the Pacific Ocean, from island peoples like the Polynesians. The fishermen used to move through the waters standing on their canoes. This form of transport was taken up again in the 1960s by surf instructors in Hawaii. Standing on the board also served very practical reasons: It made it easier for surfers to look out for good waves, to keep an eye on their surf students, to snap photos of them and then to sell them.

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